Miley cyrus bangerz cancelled

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz
Tour Canceled! Is Her
Underlying Heart
Problem the Real Issue
Behind the Extended
Hospital Stay?


The remainder of Miley Cyrus’ U.S. concert dates have been cancelled – meaning no more bizarre onstage antics for the singer – at least for now.

Her representative released a statement Friday that said, "All remaining U.S. dates on the Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz' tour have been postponed."

According to CNN, the tour will resume in August with seven rescheduled shows.

The reason given by Miley’s people is that she’s still recovering from an “extreme allergic reaction” to an antibiotic that landed her in a Kansas City hospital on Tuesday.

On Saturday, the 21-year-old singer tweeted her progress: "My 1st night sleeping all the way thru by myself. no nurses needed 👍 now up for breathinggg treatments. PLZ say Im on the 🌈 road 2 recovery!"

Miley Cyrus Lands in Hospital After Suffering Allergic Reaction, Cancels Kansas City Concert

The real question now is—is Miley being held in the hospital even longer for an underlying heart condition? In Touch reported this week that the Wrecking Ball singers suffers from tachycardia, a condition defined by a faster-than-normal heartbeat.

Her heart condition was first revealed in her 2009 memoir Miles to Go — but that was before her hard-core partying and alleged drug use began.

Miley Cyrus Partying

Miley Cyrus parties at Beacher’s Madhouse opening in Las Vegas in December. (Credit: Splash)

Even though the condition is not life threatening, it can become deadly when recreational drugs are introduced, such as marijuana.

In this week’s issue, five leading doctors (who have not treated Miley) spoke to In Touch and confirmed the star’s alleged drug use coupled with heavy drinking is putting her life in danger.

“She could get heart-muscle problems and even heart failure at worst,” Dr. Mark Urman, attending cardiologist at LA’s Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, tells In Touch. “She could even end up with a stroke. She should not smoke, drink or do drugs. It’s a path to self-destruction.”

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Sources say Miley numbs the pain (most recently from losing her beloved dog Floyd) by turning to extreme partying.

“She’s in a pretty bad mental state right now,” an insider tells the mag. “She’s closer to rock bottom than she’s even been before. She’s deeply depressed over her dog and is turning to alcohol and drugs.”

For a closer look at Miley’s life threatening heart condition, pick up the recent issue of In Touch on newsstands now!