Miley cyrus psychic

Crystal Ballers :
Miley Cyrus Allegedly
Used a Dog Medium to
Get In Touch With Her
Late Pup Floyd — Plus
5 More Celebs Who Use

Miley Cyrus experienced unimaginable loss when her pup Floyd was tragically killed by a coyote in April. Now she’s looking for closure, has reportedly turned to a dog psychic for help.

Animal medium Melissa Bacelar revealed that Miley was experiencing extra guilt about the death of her beloved Alaskan Klee Kai because she was on tour when it occurred.

“It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn’t there when Floyd died,” Bacelar said. “So there would have been a huge amount of guilt.

“I connect with dogs telepathically. Some will give me actual words, but most of the time, I will get images and feelings which I pass on to the owner.”

Miley Shares a Shower Selfie With Her New Pup Emu!

The 21-year-old has been publicly dealing with her grief, demonstrated by the “Floyd Shrine” she constructed on Instagram and the tattoo she got paying homage to the pooch.

Miley isn’t alone in turning to psychics for help! Check out five other stars who look to the stars (the other stars, that is…) for guidance and support!

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