Mike the situation sorrentino black eye

Family Drama: Mike
‘The Situation’
Sorrentino's Mom Gave
Him a Black Eye!


When Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino surfaced with a black eye after brawling with his older brother, Frank, in a tanning salon, many believed his big bro was responsible for the shiner.

But the eldest Sorrentino, Marc, has come forward and revealed who really left their mark on the Jersey Shore star’s face—and it’s the last person you’d expect!

“I’m going to let you in on a secret, mom is the one who got him,” one of the stars of the upcoming reality series The Sorrentinos confessed.

“She got him with a left. Mom’s the tough one.”

The Sorrentinos

The boys’ mother, Linda, didn’t come out of it scot-free.

“I broke my finger,” she said. “I was trying to break him and Frank up and I think I missed…”

The scuffle took place on June 17 at the family’s tanning salon, Boca Club Tanning, after a fight between Frank and Mike about how to run the business turned bloody.

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The Jersey Shore alum was arrested and charged with simple assault before posting $500 bail.

While the family isn’t lacking when it comes to entertainment value, Frank insists the fight wasn’t pre-planned or scripted.

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“We were wrapped already,” he told E!. “There were no cameras filming it.”

Tune in to the premiere of The Sorrentinos on TVGN on July 15 at 10 PM.