Michelle pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer
Reveals Startling
Secret: She Was Part
of a ‘Very
Controlling’ Cult!

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Michelle Pfeiffer is a successful actress who received three Academy Award nominations, but for the first time she’s opening up about her life as a struggling actress in Hollywood and revealing a shocking secret: She was part of a breatharian cult.

The actress, 55, opened up to The Sunday Telegraph about the “controlling” couple she associated with, who believed that people could live without food and water, and put her on a diet that “nobody can adhere to.”

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“They were very controlling,” she told The Telegraph, admitting that they mostly maintained a vegetarian diet. “I wasn’t living with them but I was there a lot and they were always telling me I needed to come more. I had to pay for all the time I was there, so it was financially very draining.”

Luckily, Michelle made it out and pursued a successful career; she credited her first husband, Peter Horton, who “rescued” her.

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At the time, he was filming a movie about Moonies [followers of Rev. Moon Sun-myung’s Unification Church] and describing cult-life; Suddenly, she realized she was part of one.

“We were talking with an ex-Moonie and she was describing the psychological manipulation,” she recalled to The Telegraph. “And I just clicked.”