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Michael Phelps
Introduces His


No wonder Michael Phelps made history at this year’s Olympic games – he had his new girlfriend to impress!

After finishing on top at the London games nabbing the 22nd Olympic medal of his career, the notoriously private swimming sensation stepped out publicly for the first with his girlfriend, Megan Rossee, proving to the world that not only did he land the gold – but he landed the girl too.

Though the couple has been quietly dating each other since January, things reportedly became serious just weeks before the 27-year-old left for the London Olympics. Realizing that he didn’t want to give up on their relationship, Michael flew Megan out to the Olympic trials in Omaha. Two-and-a-half weeks later, he flew her overseas to be with him at the 2012 games.

Once in London, the 25-year-old’s relationship with the greatest Olympian to ever live began to unfold on Twitter, with Megan tweeting her excitement over Michael’s races and her trip to London almost daily.

“Good luck tonight bear,” Megan tweeted to Michael on August 2 followed by numerous photos in the following days of Michael in London celebrating his win. Michael, however, did not reply publicly.