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Mel still fighting
with Eddie


The four-month old baby that Melanie Brown had with Eddie Murphy was planned and “wanted by both of us,” the ex-Spice Girl charged today. Now Mel, 32, is planning to take Eddie to court to have him legally declared the father of little Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

“I am speaking out today because I recognize that there are millions of single mothers and their children who don’t have a voice, who also wish for the fathers of their children to participate and share the responsibility for their children’s lives,” she said at a press conference at the LA office of her lawyer, Gloria Allred.

“Those children have a right to know their fathers and I call on those fathers to ignore the poor role model that Eddie has been and set a better example for their children.”

Allred said Eddie, 46, took a DNA test which confirmed he is Angel’s father when the child was 11 weeks old. But she said he has made no attempt to visit her and not paid a penny in child support.

“He has been generous to others but not to his own child,” added Allred. “He reportedly just gave $100,000 to charity and bought a big diamond ring for his new fiancée (Tracey Edmonds). It Is nice to be generous to others, but what about his own baby?

“He appears to have abandoned his little Angel, physically, emotionally and financially.”

Eddie's publicist, Arnold Robinson, said, “We don’t comment on Eddie’s personal life.”