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Matthew McConaughey: I
Will Be Buff Again!


Matthew McConaughey’s muscles are making a comeback!

The 6-foot star, who dropped nearly 50 pounds to play real-life AIDS activist Ron Woodroof in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club, has gained almost 20 back since shooting wrapped in December.

“During the movie, he was lifting less weight and on a strict diet,” says an insider close to the 43-year-old star, who normally weighs about 185 pounds.

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“Now he’s doing a more rigorous workout with a trainer and eating more, but still healthy.”

Well, not totally. The father of three confessed that as soon as he finished working on the movie, he planned to indulge in a big way: “A half-pound cheeseburger – with another three types of cheese!”

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And while the actor was formerly concerned about putting weight back on, now– more than ever – he's ready to indulge slowly, but surely.

“The real health challenge is when you put it back on because it's very easy to create a form of diabetes if you don't do it right,” says Matthew, who originally confessed that he couldn’t wait to bite into a juicy po-boy once filming had concluded. “But I can't just start eating cheeseburgers and ice cream because my body will go into shock and it just won't work."