Madonna miley cyrus unplugged

Material Girl & the
Twerking Queen! 7
Things We'd Die to See
When Madonna Performs
With Miley Cyrus on
Her MTV Unplugged


Pop music fans—brace yourselves!

According to reports, pop music legend Madonna is set to hit the Unplugged stage with Miley Cyrus on Jan. 29—and we could not be more excited!

Miley’s MTV Unplugged Promo Revealed! What We Want to See On Her Special

Miley Cyrus was undoubtedly one of the biggest stories in pop music last year—not to mention she’s undergone an epic transformation—so to see her join forces with a trailblazer like Madonna is super exciting!

When MTV first revealed that a Miley Unplugged was in the works, they teased fans by saying to expect guest appearances from some famous friends—but never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to be so good!

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We can’t believe we have to wait another day to see Madonna and Miley join forces—so in the meantime, we’re making our predictions!

Check out seven things we’d like from Miley and Madonna!

1. “Like a Virgin”/”We Can’t Stop” Mash-Up

This is, after all, going to be on MTV—the same network that brings you the VMAs. Madonna’s 1984 performance of “Like a Virgin” was so iconic that Miley even cited it as an influencing her unforgettable performance at the 2013 VMAs.

If we see these two acts together, we can only assume our minds will explode.

2. Speaking of the VMAs, NO MAKING OUT!

When Madonna locked lips with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 Video Music Awards, people joked about her “passing the pop music torch” to the next generation by swapping spit. We’re kind of hoping she doesn’t decide to continue the tradition...

3. A Cover of “Papa Don’t Preach”

So, the greatness of this idea is twofold; first of all, it’s a perfect example of amazing, classic Madonna, and anytime we get to hear ‘80s Madonna, we’re thrilled. Additionally, we kind of love the idea of this song being directed at Billy Ray Cyrus. (That being said, it’s awesome that Billy Ray is actually super supportive of his daughter).

4. Madonna Covering Britney’s Part in  “SMS (Bangerz)”

It was awesome when Madonna embraced the next generation of pop music featured ing Brit’s song “Me Against the Music.” It may have been even more awesome when Britney was featured on Miley’s song “SMS (Bangerz)” on her latest album. Having Madonna fill in for Britney would pretty much be taking it full circle.

5. A Full 80s Mash-Up of Madonna’s Greatest Hits

“Like a Virgin”? Duh. “Material Girl”? Umm, yes please! “Vogue”? Technically 1990, but still, bring it! Sure, all of these songs are older than Miley, but they’re also the songs that made her Madgesty famous—so it would incredible to see her perform them with a contemporary pop star!

6. A “Party In The USA” Duet

When it comes down to it, we’ll take all the partying in the USA that we could get. Plus, Miley makes a shout out to Britney in this song too. Are we sensing a theme? What are the chances we get so lucky that she’s there too? Epic.

7. …And a Live Wedding

Sorry Madge, you set the standards really, REALLY high when you joined Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Mary Lambert and Queen Latifah for the unprecedented marriages of 33 couples at the Grammys! From now on, whenever we see you, we expect a full range of emotions as we see beautiful and diverse couples tie the knot!