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Mary Murphy’s 'So You
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Blog, Week 8: "Amy
Will Stick Around As
An All-Star!"

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For the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Mary Murphy is sharing the inside scoop with In Touch readers— everything from show highlights to personal predictions. In Week 8, Mary reveals what made her feel like a proud parent and who she thinks has solidified a spot in the SYTYCD family. Check back every week for more scoop from Mary!

Travis Wall’s dance with Amy was the best number of the night, without question. It was just spectacular dancing (set to “Wicked Game” by James Vincent McMorrow). I’m still in awe over the fact that something of such high standard could be produced in such a short period of time. It still blows my mind. If anything solidified her place into the finale, it was that number.
I never watched Travis’ reality show about forming his dance company and I never got a chance to go see him dance, so I haven’t seen him dance in years. It really was a special treat that night for me. Not only did I miss him dancing, it was truly a sight to see him dance with Amy. Any dancer that ever becomes a part of the top twenty on So You Think You Can Dance has a once in a lifetime opportunity and that experience will be a part of their life forever. I can definitely see Amy coming back as an All-Star on the show. The girl can just do anything.
It was really the coolest night of the season, especially for me and Nigel Lythgoe. We certainly felt like proud parents having all the All-Stars choreograph on the show. It was the very first time for a lot of them and there was great energy on the set.
It was incredible to see the choreographer right out there in front of us dancing. It was really quite unique and a lot of fun for us and I thought all of them really did a great job. Of course there was the chance that some of the numbers could have gone down in flames, but everyone stepped up to the plate in a major way! The All-Stars had been working on their pieces for weeks because they didn’t want to let us (the judges) down, they didn’t want to let the show down and they wanted to prove that they have what it takes as choreographers.
It was a really great opportunity for the contestants as well because some of our dancers have been watching this show since they were nine years old. Some of the All-Stars that they got to dance with were our current contestants favorites and icons in seasons past. To be able to turn around and dance with an icon, it was so cool and so special for them. These kids wouldn’t do anything to let their icon down, and they proved that on the dance floor.
Although they are very talented, Jenna and Tucker have fallen down into the bottom so many times, so I wasn’t particularly shocked by the eliminations last episode. It’s really coming down to the wire now and I am looking forward to seeing who will take the crown as America’s Favorite Dancer!
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