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Mary Murphy’s 'So You
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For the 10th season of So You Think You Can Dance, judge Mary Murphy is sharing the inside scoop with In Touch readers— everything from show highlights to personal predictions. In Week , Mary talks about why she wish she knew who the winner was ahead of time and the big surprise she and Nigel Lythgoe have in store for fans. Check back every week for more scoop from Mary!

I’m always sad when it’s over, but I’m very excited to see who the winners will be this year. The choice is out of the judges’ hands at this point and the only person who truly knows the outcome is Nigel. The rest of us will not know until the moment their names are announced. They never tell us because they want some natural reactions. Even though I would love to know beforehand, I wouldn’t be able to keep my big mouth shut – so it’s best they don’t tell me who the winners are!
Everybody did a really great job last week. All four dancers deserve to be in the finale, but if I had to pick a standout from that night, I would have to choose Amy. She was on fire! She really stepped it up throughout every single performance. She has an incredible body of work to show for on the show. She dominates every style of dance that comes her way.
Although Jasmine was not always on point last week, there is no denying that she is a phenomenal dancer. Overall, Aaron did a great job, but Fik-Shun’s solo was off the chain! He is a brilliant free-styler and knows how to instantly entertain a crowd in a second. I thought that he and Amy both had the strongest solos of the night. Everybody can’t help but smile when Fik-Shun does his thing – it’s so much fun!
At this point, it’s really anyone’s game. America can always surprise us, and I can’t wait to see what the outcome is! In addition to the butterflies I’m feeling for our future winners, I am also really excited about a special treat Nigel and I have prepared for all of the fans – we are going to do a dance together!
For the first time, fans will get to see what they’ve been dying to for so many years. We had an absolute ball rehearsing it and can’t wait to show the world. I will say that we didn’t have as many hours as the contestants do to rehearse, but we are giving it our best shot. At this age, I can’t wait to get back on the dancefloor!
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