Mary-Louise Parker Admits the Movie That Makes Her Cry at Hope North Gala

Mary-Louise Parker reveals the movie that made her cry.

Mary-Louise Parker reveals the movie that made her cry.

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Mary-Louise Parker is a softy at heart!

Not only is the actress a huge supporter of charities, she also confesses to In Touch at the Hope North Gala on Sept. 18 that a certain children’s movie made her cry.

“It was probably a children's movie,” she admits of her current favorite movie. “Oh! Despicable Me 2. Loved it; I cried.”

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Mary-Louise went to see the cartoon flick, starring the voices of Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, with son William, 9 — who was also her mini date at the Hope North Gala.

And something else that tugs on the Weeds actress’ heartstrings?

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Charity Hope North, which focuses on educating children who are victims of Uganda’s civil war.

“It’s occupied a big part of my heart and soul for the past four years,” she tells In Touch of the charity. “I’m really dedicated to helping.”

For more info on Hope North or to make a donation, visit

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