Exclusive Blog:
'Married to Medicine'
Star Quad
Webb-Lunceford Sets
the Record Straight:
"I Now See Mariah for
Who She Really Is"


Last week on Married to Medicine, the feud between Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford reached boiling point as they confronted one another at the Women Empowerment Network.

Quad was moved to tears as Mariah called her a "rat" and insinuated her former best friend was lower than her by coming out with the infamous line, "I will not come off my chariot and throw tomatoes with you."

In tonight's episode, tensions get even higher as we rejoin them where last week's show left off, with some pretty offensive slurs being thrown around.

Quad 1

Quad tells In Touch ahead of the episode that viewers will hear Mariah call her a "f---ing roach."

Several times this season, fans of the show have heard the other ladies refer to the "STK incident," which appears to have been a precursor to last week's bust up. Now Quad, who was called the breakout star of last season by the New York Times, exclusively tells In Touch exactly what the "STK incident" is and how she feels about the way she has been treated by Mariah.

Mariah has made it sound like she was ambushed at STK, I would never do that. I was having dinner with friends when she arrived drunk. Our mutual friend Reco Chapple said Mariah asked him if she could sit at my table. He and I agreed that in her condition it would be better for her to sit in a well-lit area hoping it would make her more alert.

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Then she came over to our table and started causing trouble. She asked my friend, 'What’s up with Miss Quad?' My friend refused to be baited into some mess with Mariah and that made her angry. At that point she started ranting and saying, 'I ain’t done nothing to Quad but make her relevant.'

Quad 5

Everyone at the table was embarrassed by Mariah’s behavior and couldn’t believe that my friend would speak like that about me. They actually felt that if they just ignored her she would stop. So, they just pretended she wasn’t there and continued their conversation.

Mariah then grabbed my friend’s hand and started squeezing it, gritting her teeth and shouting at her. Then, others at the table noticed things were getting out of hand so someone came to get me.

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When I reached the table all I said was 'What’s going on ladies?' Mariah then yelled, 'Oh you’re going take her side over mine.' I turned to Mariah and told her that she had too much to drink and it was time for her to leave.

That’s when she got physical with me. She starting hitting me on my back and yelling 'Bitch I made you relevant.' We exchanged some really angry words and then security snatched and retained her, then ushered her to the door.

Quad 4

*Yes, I tossed her purse, but I was actually tossing it to a friend who missed the catch and it landed on the floor. I never intended for that to happen.

"Once Mariah’s friend got her in the car and pulled out of the parking garage Mariah wasn’t finished. She jumped out of the car, still barefoot and tried to storm the front door of the restaurant. The bouncer bounced her right on back to her car.*

Speaking about the ongoing feud with her former friend, Quad wants to set the record straight.

Mariah wants to make it like fame has changed me. It hasn't and it never will. I never wanted to be on TV and originally I didn't want to do the show but I did it as a favor to Mariah. So any assertions that the show ended our friendship is false.

Quad 2

Her condescending comments and her bad mouthing me to everyone who would listen, coupled with the physical dispute was the nail in the coffin for our friendship. It's clear to me no matter how she tries to mask it - her comments reflect those of a jealous person.

Her insecurities because people have referred to me as being the breakout star of the show led her to become envious, jealous, and physical towards me. So I stand corrected. My attitude has changed towards Mariah but not because of fame.

I now see her for who she really is and she's not the person she wants the world to believe. I thought we were going to kill it together (meaning take the entertainment business by storm) but she just killed us.

Read more on Quad's blog (http://quadisverybusy.com) and tune in to tonight's new episode of 'Married to Medicine' on BRAVO at 9:30 p.m. EST.