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Whitney Houston’s 20-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina revealed today that she married her long-time beau Nick Gordon, who also happens to be her kind-of, sort-of brother.

The news came on her Twitter, where she shared a picture of her and Nick’s hands wearing wedding rings, and declared that the two are “happily married” and “so in love.”

BK and Nick’s love story is definitely one-of-a-kind to say the least! We can already picture them sharing the story of how they met with their grandchildren!

Boy meets girl; boy is taken in by girl’s mother, who raises the two under the same roof and “like siblings” for ten years; boy and girl fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

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Ahh, to be young and in love!

Still confused? We don’t blame you! Check out this timeline of their truly bizarre relationship!


~2002: When Nick is only 12 years old, he is taken in by Whitney when she learns his family can no longer care for him anymore. While no legal adoption takes place, Bobbi Kristina—who was 8 when Nick joined the fam—reportedly considers him a brother.

May 2011: Nick proved his protective big bro side when he was charged with gun possession, after a confrontation with Bobbi’s ex-boyfriend. 

2011: In an interview, Whitney refers to Nick as her “godson,” which is probably easier than saying “sort-of adopted son/eventual son-in-law.”

March 2012: After Whitney Houston tragically passes away, reports begin to surface about Whitney’s “secret” adopted son, who Cissy—Whitney’s mother—allegedly tried to cut from the will.

March 2012: In response to reports saying otherwise, Nick goes on the record as saying that he and Bobbi are just good friends—not siblings and definitely not romantic partners.

October 2012: Bobbi Kristina gets a short-lived reality series, The Houstons: On Our Own that addresses her life after her mother’s death—and also reveals her relationship with Nick.

July 2013: Bobbi and Nick confirm their engagement.

July 2013: In light of their engagement, Bobbi takes to Facebook to make sure the world knows that she is NOT marrying her brother.

She wrote, “I’m tired of hearing people say ‘eww your [sic] engaged to your brother or if Whitney was still alive would we be together or would she approve of this," Bobbi wrote. "Let me clear up something, we aren’t even real brother and sister nor is he my adoptive brother. My mom never adopted him. In fact, mommy was the one who even said that she knew that we were going to start dating. My mom knows me better than any of you.” 

January 2014: Bobbi and Nick tie the knot.