Madonna orders Justin
to drop his pants


New Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Madonna is an icon, a music mogul and apparently, an administrator of B-12 shots. Justin Timberlake, who worked with Madonna on her new album Hard Candy, inducted the singer with a sexy speech praising her for her "shapely body of work" and for "always [being] a woman on top" who "fully enjoys that position." However, the most memorable part of Justin's speech was when he talked about how Madonna offered him a B-12 shot last year. "She proceeds to pull a Ziploc bag of B-12 syringes out and says, 'Drop 'em,'" reveals Justin. "I don't know what you say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants. She gave me a shot in my a- and looks at me and says, 'Nice top shelf.' That was one of the greatest days of my life." Madonna made sure he got all the details right, though. "Everything he said is basically true, but I didn't say 'drop 'em.' I said, 'pull your pants down,'" corrected Madonna. "I like to be accurate because you know I am a control freak."