Madonna kicked out movie theater

Madonna Kicked Out of
NYC Film Screening for
Texting During Movie

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Madonna has been banned for life from a popular movie theater chain after she was caught texting during a film premiere.

The Material Girl was at the New York Film Festival premiere of the buzzy new flick 12 Years a Slave, which has been garnering Oscar buzz for its star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Another moviegoer posted a note on Facebook about how they were stuck sitting behind a "mysterious blonde in black lace gloves" who wouldn't stop texting on her BlackBerry during the film.

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After she was asked to stop by people sitting around her, the woman reportedly snapped, "It's for business... ENSLAVER!"

When the woman was asked to leave, fellow audience member J. Alexander, the former America's Next Top Model judge, realized that the "mysterious blonde" was in fact Madonna.

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Tim League, owner of the Alamo Draft House movie theater chain, has announced that he is banning Madonna from all of his theaters until she apologizes. Tim has a no-texting-at-the-movies policy at his theaters, including the NYC location that Madonna was kicked out of.


Madonna has yet to comment on the incident.