Maci bookout teen mom 3

Maci Bookout Shares
What She Thinks of the
Cast of ‘Teen Mom 3’

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has never been one to hide her feelings—and when dishing to In Touch about the girls of Teen Mom 3, it was no exception!

“Oh my God, I love all of them,” she gushed to In Touch.

“Alex is just like, she’s so just real,” she said of Alex Sekella, adding that newlywed Mackenzie Douthit “is just the sweetest thing.”

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Like any mom, the 22-year-old reality star knows better than to play favorites—but it does seem like she likes Katie Yeager the best!

“Me and Katie, I swear we were meant to be twins,” Maci said. “Everything she tweets, I’m just like, oh my God, we are twins.”

She also said that she couldn’t get over Briana DeJesusbeauty.

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“I felt like kind of weird because I would just stare at her because she was just so pretty,” Maci joked.

After four seasons of Teen Mom, and, most recently, an MTV special called Being Maci, Bentley’s mom knows a thing or two about reality TV and offered advice to the girls of Teen Mom 3.

“Just to ignore everything and remember why they signed up to do this show in the first place,” she told In Touch when asked what words of wisdom she’d offer, reminding that they should be positive influences for girls.

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She added they shouldn’t let other people dictate what they do with their lives, just because the cameras are there.

“I think they should just live their life and just let everyone else watch it,” Maci said.

Maci explained to In Touch that she thinks that following girls from 16 & Pregnant is a good way to highlight the struggles that continue after pregnancy, and that this new season will offer fresh perspectives.

“I think that Teen Mom 3 is a good way to show a good variety of all different types of girls and what each struggle can bring because not everyone is the same,” she said. “Not everyone is living the same life.”

Teen Mom 3 premieres Aug. 26 at 10pm on MTV.