WATCH: Lulu, “The
World’s Heaviest Pole
Dancer,” Works the
Pole Better Than Most
of Us

She’s a mother-of-two, a wife and…a pole dancer. But not just any pole dancer. She’s “The World’s Heaviest Pole Dancer.”

Meet LuAyne Brown, 29, who goes by the stage name Lulu. After participating in cheerleading and dancing (among other sports), Lulu decided to take her flexibility and dance skills a step further by learning pole dancing in 2006.

“I don't care what others say about me, you haters can't bring me down and you won't either!! Im gonna keep doing my thing!” Lulu, who reportedly weighs 252 pounds, writes on her YouTube channel.


Lulu began competing in 2008 and even auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2012.

“I don’t get a lot of mixed reactions when it comes to other dancers. I get a lot of encouragement, which is a great thing, especially us females we can be extremely caddy to one another,” she says in the video.

“It’s been great to have that kind of positive feedback, but when you face outside of the pole dancing world, the females aren’t so nice sometimes.”

And it’s not just random females. Lulu discusses how she’s lost some friends because of their lack of support over her career choice.

Watch the Caters News video below of Lulu taking on the pole—better than most of us!

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