Zach braff new york city photobomb

LOL! Zach Braff
Photobombs Couple in


Zach Braff gave one couple the surprise of their lives!

The Scrubs star was in NYC's Times Square when he walked past a newlywed couple posing for a romantic shot in the middle of the street. The actor took an opportunity to photobomb the picture just as the husband and wife shared a kiss.



Photographer Sascha Reinking was taking pictures of a recently-married couple visiting New York from Germany when they asked for a shot against a famous backdrop, so he suggested the iconic Times Square area. Later, when he was going through the pictures, he saw Zach smiling in one of the shots and tweeted the image at the Garden State star.

Zach not only responded, he proudly reposted the pic. It got more than 11,000 retweets and nearly 15,000 favorites, prompting Zach to follow up on Twitter later: "Today I won the internets. I feel like Leo on the bow of that big boat. Never finished the movie, but I'm sure it ended well."