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Lisa Vanderpump
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In Touch recently had the privilege of sitting down with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, who answered some of our silliest questions!

See what she had to say about embarrassing red carpet moments, her top-notch tush and who makes her want to strip down to her skivvies.

What’s Your Porn-Star Name (First Pet + Childhood Street)?
"Velvet Coppes. That’s quite good. I like that. But I think that train has left the station!"

Biggest Splurge Ever?
"I don’t really buy myself anything seriously expensive: That’s my husband’s job. I’ve been known to spend too much money on a dress, especially before this recession. Handbags are ridiculously expensive these days."

Which Actress Would You Play in a Movie?
"It’d have to be somebody English. But I’d rather wait ‘til I’m older and my life meant something, so I’d go with Helen Mirren."

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What Was Your Childhood Nickname?
"Pumpkin! That’s what I was called at school, amongst other things."

Most Embarrassing Red-Carpet Moment?
"I haven’t had any nipple-gates. Nothing ever slides out— mostly because it’s resting on my knees!"

Is Your Butt Real?
"It’s all real! What is it with everyone talking about my butt? For the record, I did not put anything in it."

If You Were to Have a Dinner Party at Sur With Any Star, Whom Would You Choose?
"George Clooney. If I met him, I wouldn’t be able to speak. He has such a great sense of humor— and he’d need it when I took my clothes off!"