Lindsay's 911 tape


On Thursday, authorities released the 911 tape that led to the arrest of 21-year-old Lindsay Lohan. The call was assumed to have been placed by the mother of Lindsay's assistant, who had just picked up her daughter from a gathering the Mean Girls star was attending. Shortly after leaving, the pair realized they were being followed by an SUV containing Lindsay and an unidentified man and made a frantic call for help.

According to a statement that was made by a Lohan family friend to Entertainment Tonight, “Lindsay was having a get-together at her home. When assistant Tarin Graham walked into the house and looked disheveled with teary red eyes, Lindsay was concerned that something happened to her. There was some sort of altercation. Tarin either quit or Lindsay fired her. Tarin left and Lindsay followed her. Tarin's mother apparently made a police call because she was afraid someone was chasing her. Right now, we don't know who may have been chasing her. It could have been paparazzi.”