Lindsay lohan court

Lindsay Lohan's
Post-Court Week Gets
Even Worse: Why She
Was Axed From
Exclusive Site


Uh-oh! More bad news for Lindsay Lohan!

The troubled starlet, who just took a plea deal in court pleading no contest to reckless driving, lying to authorities and violating probation for a shoplifting conviction, is suffering yet again.
In addition to being sentenced to lockdown rehab, LiLo has been kicked off of the social networking site, ASMALLWORLD.
The site, which describes itself as a “by-invitation global community for cultivated international living,” once welcomed Linds as a member. Now the actress, who used to utilize the site to make her travel arrangements, finds herself unable to login anymore.
The site has made their membership more exclusive and has terminated thousands of profiles. Along with Lindsay’s membership, Tiger Woods was also axed from access to his account. 
“We will absolutely not tolerate anyone who makes our members feel uncomfortable,” says Sabine Heller, CEO and President of ASMALLWORLD. “Those who breach our trust will be promptly exiled from ASMALLWORLD.”
“Lindsay's consistent clashes with the law led to her membership’s termination,” a source says.
It’s clear that Lindsay has more to worry about than social networking. The former Disney darling will soon have to perform 30 days of community service and undergo extensive psychotherapy for 18 months as part of her latest sentence.
But will the Liz & Dick star finally be able to change her ways? After so many chances, it seems uncertain.
“It's been tough,” Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan exclusively tells In Touch. “We're just trying to figure it all out."