Lindsay lohan storage unit jail

Lindsay Lohan Receives
$16K Offer From to Save Her
Storage Unit


Lindsay Lohan is being bailed out, yet again… but this time it’s for her financial troubles. 

In the wake of being slapped with several criminal charges (for assault in New York and lying to authorities in Los Angeles) that could result in jail time, Lindsay also finds herself in heaps of financial debt… a storage unit full, to be exact.

The troubled starlet has fallen behind in paying her monthly dues for a storage unit, owing roughly $16,000 to the storage company before they auction off her goods, which could happen as early as this month.

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The unit, which reportedly contains clothing, family heirlooms and potentially embarrassing items, is now locked until the Liz & Dick star pays the balance in full. Unfortunately for LiLo, the IRS has frozen her bank accounts because of unpaid back taxes.

But before her storage company engages in their own celebrity version of Storage Wars,— the first full-service online pawn shop— has offered to directly wire Lindsay the $16K, in hopes that “with some assistance, Lindsay will be able to get back on her feet towards financial independence.”

“The $16,000 would be given to you as a 90-day interest-free loan with the storage unit and its contents used as collateral,” the letter to Lindsay explains. “In order to ensure your privacy, would keep your unit sealed and untouched until you are able to pay back the loan.”

So why is Pawngo offering this deal to infamously unreliable Lindsay?

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“We at pride ourselves on offering a safe, convenient and fully confidential service to women in financial transition,” they wrote. “The goal of this $16,000 offer from is to guarantee that your assets are maintained and protected.”

Do you think Lindsay should consider taking the deal from