Mean girls

Plastics 101: Lindsay
Lohan Had To Remind
Her Mom About ‘That’s
So Fetch’ – A
Refresher on ‘Mean
Girls’ Most Memorable
Lines (GIFs)

It looks like Regina George was right after all—fetch did not exactly happen.

In the premiere episode of Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan’s new reality series on OWN, the 27-year-old comes across a pile of shirts with “Fetch” on them, at her mother Dina’s home on Long Island—and her mom didn’t recgonize Gretchen Weiner’s infamous catchphrase!

CONFIRMED! A Means Girls Reunion Is In the Works!

That, we must say, is definitely not fetch!

Mean Girls is one of the most quotable movies of our time, and it’s a shame that Dina doesn’t recognize the brilliance of Tina Fey’s writing—especially with talks of a reunion in the works!


In case you missed it, LiLo confirmed the exciting news during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week.

“I saw Tina [Fey] and she mentioned doing a reunion,” the star told Jimmy Fallon. “She said she was talking to Lorne [Michaels] about it. She’s talking to the big boss.”

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Of course, without the exciting news of a sequel on the way, it’s only natural that Dina brushes up on the incredible quotes from this movie, which is soon to be 10 years old!

Check out some of our favorite Mean Girls quotes, and don’t worry Dina—we still know you’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom!

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