Lindsay claims she was
sober when she crashed
into another vehicle


Lindsay Lohan is in the news again for drinking and driving, but the charge dates back to 2005. Two years ago, the then- 19-year-old was in a car accident after lunching at The Ivy restaurant located on busy Robertson Boulevard. When the actress went to pull out her Mercedes-Benz, she smacked into a van. The driver is suing the restaurant and Lindsay for negligence and is seeking $200,000 in damages, claiming she was drinking and as a result injured his car as well as him. But in Lindsay's declaration that was filed on Friday, she states, "I did not consume an alcoholic beverage or any type of medication or drug." Her statement is backed up by the waiter as well as a security officer who was hired to provide security for the area. Lindsay is countersuing the driver of the van, alleging he was making an illegal U-turn when she ran into him.