Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Are Flirting on Instagram and Fueling Reunion Rumors Again!


We see you, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert! These Teen Mom 2 exes are seeming a little too friendly for co-parents lately, and fans definitely noticed! Some recent flirty Instagram comments have only fueled more rumors that these two could be reuniting! Watch the video below to see their adorable banter!

This certainly isn't the first time fans noticed a rekindled fire between the divorced couple. In April, Leah posted a photo looking cuddly while she was out partying with Jeremy, writing "just a little fun, that's all!" At the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in November, Dr. Drew straight-up asked them if they were getting back together. “This is f*****g awkward!” giggled Jeremy over Skype with a huge smile on his face. Leah said nothing, but she couldn't hide her grin.

The pair got married in 2012 and split in 2015, but they've stayed incredibly friendly for ex-spouses, especially in the ^+Teen Mom+* universe. Rumors began swirling that Leah might actually be pregnant after she posted a super covered-up photo in late November, and since Jeremy is the only guy we've seen her talking to... dunno, maybe it could be a thing!

Of course, it's also possible that the duo is just being friendly for the sake of their kids, and that they noticed they get a lot of attention when fans speculate that they're back together so they just don't shut down the rumors. Only time will tell if these two have officially rekindled their romance, but 2017 could certainly use some good new to wrap up the year so we'll keep our fingers crossed!

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