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Lea Michele's
Character Rachel Pays
Homage to Cory
Monteith's Character
Finn on 'Glee'


In real life, Lea Michele had to say goodbye to her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, when he died unexpectedly of a drug and alcohol overdose. But on Glee, her character Rachel Berry has had to say goodbye to her boyfriend, Cory's character Finn Hudson.

Lea Michele Dedicates Her Teen Choice Award to Cory Monteith

During a special tribute episode, "The Quarterback," the cast and crew of Glee sang goodbye songs in honor of their friend. Now, as the show goes on and the storylines move along, creator Ryan Murphy is making sure that Glee never forgets about Finn.

In this week's episode Rachel and Kurt talked about getting tattoos. While Kurt opted for an "It gets better" tattoo, Rachel eventually opted for one that simply read "Finn." Rachel revealed the tattoo, which is just below her ribcage, to no one but herself in the mirror.

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Although Cory's death at just 31 could have broken Glee for good, man-behind-the-scenes Ryan and his team have balanced the dark moments out with light ones. This season, both Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato have made guest arcs, and last week's episode was packed full of songs from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. However, Ryan admits that the show can't go on forever--Glee will end next season after six years on FOX.