Lance bass justin bieber jail

Lance Bass on Justin
Bieber Post-Arrest: “I
Wish He’d Get a Little
Jail Time”

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Following his arrest, Justin Bieber is the talk of the town in Hollywood… and not everyone has such nice things to say about the troubled 19-year-old.

One of the stars sounding off on the situation is Lance Bass. The former *NSYNC singer has a similar background—he achieved success in the world of pop music at a young age—yet unlike Bieber, Lance has continually stayed out of trouble during his time in the spotlight.

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As a showbiz veteran, Lance thinks Justin is in need of a “little reality check”—and believes jail time may have helped the troubled teen.

“I wish he would get a little jail time just so that he would know that, ‘Oh my god, I am human,” Lance explained to In Touch at the Delta Airline Pre-Grammys Party on Jan. 23 in Hollywood. “I understand as a teen star it’s hard and the pressure and the reality—he doesn’t know what reality is.”

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Lance continued to explain to In Touch that part of the problem is Justin’s crew. By surrounding himself with people who say yes all the time, he’s getting further away from reality.

This isn’t the first time Lance has spoken out about Bieber. In April 2013, the 34-year-old told Piers Morgan that he understood how Justin’s ego became inflated.

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“With fame comes entitled,” Lance said at the time. “He’s sought after all over the world, and that can get to you. That’s got to affect someone at that age.”

Of course, Lance achieved a similar amount of success when he was Justin’s age (to put it in perspective, he was also 19 when *NSYNC released “I Want You Back”), but has managed to stay out of trouble for decades.

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So what was Lance’s secret? Having his *NSYNC bandmates!

“I was in a group of guys that would slap me down if I did anything stupid like that,” he gushed. “I was lucky to have those four best friends and family around me.”