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Lamar Odom Slams His
Daughter Destiny, 15,
Over Comments
About Khloé Kardashian


Khloé Kardashian may have officially filed for divorce from her husband of more than four years, Lamar Odom, but he still has her back—against his 15-year-old daughter, Destiny!

Earlier this week, the teenager took to—a social-networking site in which users ask and answers questions (some of which have been submitted anonymously)—to express her feelings about her father’s divorce from the reality star. Destiny took the opportunity to blast Khloé and articulate her excitement about the marriage ending. 

And now In Touch has exclusively learned that Lamar demanded that his firstborn apologize to Khloé.  

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“When Destiny put that thing up, he was furious,” a source close to the NBA forward revealed to In Touch. “He was screaming, ‘What the f---, what does Destiny think she is doing?’ ”

The insider added that Lamar said he asked Liza Morales, his former partner and Destiny’s mother, to get the teen to apologize, but to no avail. Liza defended her daughter and refused to make Destiny apologize for speaking her mind.

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On the site, Destiny was asked if she was upset or surprised by the divorce, to which Destiny replied, “no one thought they were going to last so honestly who cur [sic].”

Another user asked Destiny if she thought Khloé and her father would get back together; not only did she say no, but she added that she was hoping they wouldn’t because now she has her father all to herself.

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 The source offered insight into why Destiny, who lives in New York, may desperately be craving her father’s attention, telling In Touch,  “He has not seen his kids since February!”

According to the insider, Lamar has no intentions on returning to the East Coast to spend Christmas with his children.

“As of right now, he is probably going to spend it alone in LA,” the source added. “He might get an invite from his kids and Liza, but it hasn’t happened yet.”