Lala anthony met gala

LaLa Anthony’s Met
Gala Confession: I
Didn't Eat All Day!


She certainly turned heads at last night’s Met Gala— but LaLa Anthony went to extremes to make sure her Zac Posen gown fit like a glove come time for the red carpet. 

“I did a BluePrint cleanse today, so if you see me on the floor, that’s why,” she told In Touch at the event of her pre-Ball ritual. “I haven't eaten today — but I wouldn't have been able to get in this dress!”
Thankfully, LaLa, 33, fit perfectly into her gorgeous gown, with much help from her dress designer, Zac.
“We designed it together,” she said of her collaboration with Zac. “I wore Zac [Posen] last year. He definitely knows my body type. I'm a curvy girl, so we did it together. And it's a built-in corset, so you know, we did our little punk twist on it.”
But Zac wasn’t the only one who approved of her ensemble! LaLa and Carmelo Anthony’s 6-year-old son, Kiyan, was a big fan of his mom’s attire— so much so that he asked to be her date! 
"He said, 'Mommy I want to go with you tonight.' I'm like, 'I wish you could!'" LaLa tells In Touch. "He wanted to come. He was very upset he couldn't come."
And in case you ever wondered how long it takes to achieve style perfection, LaLa confesses, “It took me about two hours. It's the hair and makeup that takes time. Putting on the dress is literally like two minutes!”