Lady gaga oscars snub

Today On ‘The Gossip
Table’: Lady Gaga Was
Shunned By The Press
at The Oscars


Lady Gaga walked the Oscars red carpet in Versace, but you may have missed it.

According to an In Touch onlooker, "she is not considered a hot interview to get anymore after Art Pop was such a flop. She is used to everyone wanting her interview, but she was out of her element and was dressed like an old woman."

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The source adds, "She was a few rows away from the front and really didn't get much camera time. it's a obvious fall from grace for Gaga."

Check out a clip below, in which In Touch's Noah Levy discusses Gaga with his co-hosts on VH1's morning talk show The Gossip Table, which just returned for it's second season!

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