Lady gaga vomit sxsw

Lady Gaga Somehow
Still Manages to Shock
Us – By Having a Fan
Vomit on Her at South
by Southwest: See 4
More of Her Most

At this point, you’d think Lady Gaga wouldn’t be able to surprise us… but then again, you’d also think no one in their right mind would willingly volunteer to have another person throw up on them.

The point is, in both cases, you’d be wrong.

Lady Gaga

On March 13, Mother Monster took to the Doritos #BoldStage at South by Southwest to perform her song “Swine” with her friend and self-proclaimed “vomit-painter” Millie Brown.

The “artist” drank a neon green liquid through a straw before she stuck her fingers down her throat and proceeded to vomit all over the 27-year-old, who continued playing the drums.

Lady Gaga Shunned By the Press as the Oscars

Alright… you win, Lady Gaga. Guess we haven’t seen it all.

Although we've got to admit, we really didn’t ever imagine you’d outdo these four outrageous performances!

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