Photo lady gaga

Lady Gaga's Gets Dirty
In Cake and Lingerie

Twitter: Lady Gaga/ Terry Richardson

The queen of shock is at it again!

Earlier today, Lady Gaga tweeted a photo that’s got plenty of Little Monsters raising eyebrows.

The star is pictured rolling around in a pile of cake, wearing nothing but a bra, panties and a pair of nude Christian Louboutins. Gaga’s unicorn thigh tattoo is also front and center in the snapshot.

“The real CAKE isn't HAVING what you want, It's DOING what you want” she wrote, crediting “lady gaga photo by terry Richardson” for the pic.

And while Gaga is known for going to extremes— from her outrageous ensembles to trippy music videos— this photo can be added to the list of her ‘what-the-?!’ moments.

Ironically, less than one month ago, fellow singer Miley Cyrus starred in a music video for dubstep artist Borgore’s “Decisions,” where the engaged star smeared cake all over the faces of fellow partygoers… and made out with a unicorn.

VIDEO: See Miley's Music Video

Perhaps there’s a new trend hitting Hollywood?