Lady gaga perez hilton friend breakup

Lady Gaga Reveals
Reason Behind Her
Friend Breakup with
Perez Hilton


Although singer Lady Gaga and blogger Perez Hilton were once so close that they went on vacation together and Perez called Gaga his "wifey," the two ex-friends have had a falling out. Lady Gaga, who is promoting her new single "Applause," went on Twitter to explain what went down in their friend breakup.



The accident Gaga's referring to is a hip injury which landed her in a wheelchair and forced her to cancel a world tour while she recuperated. Perez first became notorious for his pictures of celebrities with words and pictures doodled on them. The Madonna reference has to do with Gaga's song "Born This Way," which the Material Girl insinuated ripped off part of her '90s hit "Express Yourself."

In a followup tweet, Gaga urged her "monsters," aka fans, to avoid reading Perez's website and to ignore bullies.

Perez has not responded to Gaga's accusations yet, but he did tweet yesterday - to wish Madonna a happy birthday. Meow!