Lady gaga little monsters

Lady Gaga Is Scared,
And Needs Her Little
Monsters’ Help!


Lady Gaga loves her monsters, but she is scared!

For the first time in her career, people are saying that mother monster’s career is in a bad place; her latest album Art Pop, "has been out for only two weeks and it is already at number 24 on the charts. It doesn't have one massive radio hit on it, nothing commercial enough for the masses in America.”

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A source reveals, "she is upset that it isn't doing well and even though she has a huge ego as an artist she is scared that there isn't a way to make it a hit."

Frank Fredericks, Gaga’s first manager, told The Sun: “It seems to be a trend in America to discover people, worship them and then find ways to tear them down.”

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A friend of the singer shares with In Touch, "the pre-promotion for the record was massive, and she worked so hard on it while she was sick with her hip injury.  She thought all that energy was going to make a hit. It was a rude awakening."

Can her monsters save her?

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