Lady gaga white outfit

Lady Gaga Dresses Like
a Ghost in London


It's not Halloween yet, but Lady Gaga is sporting the perfect costume!

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The "Applause" singer arrived at a London hotel sporting this white ghostly outfit today. Gaga is in town to promote her new album, ARTPOP, and to perform on talent show The X Factor.

Outside of the super-ritzy Ritz Carlton hotel in the English capital, Gaga went barefoot and even dyed her eyelashed white to complete the ghostly, ethereal look. Although the white dress was semi-sheer, the 27-year-old singer wore only a thong beneath it.

Lady Gaga Wants to Be Buried in Her Stripper Boots

This isn't Gaga's first time showing the world her bare skin - last week, she revealed a sexy pic of her booty in a thong as a promo for her single "Do What U Want," where she sings with "Trapped In the Closet" singer R. Kelly.