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Fashion Talk: Kylie
Jenner Admits She’s
“Inspired” By Kanye

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Kanye West may have just found his second biggest fan (assuming he is his own biggest fan, of course)…and it is none other than Kylie Jenner.

The 16-year-old and big sis Kendall debuted their handbag and shoe collection with Madden Girl, and Kylie revealed the benefits of having an in-house creative genius—he starts to rub off on you!

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“He’s really inspiring, just watching him,” Kylie gushed to E! News. “He’s been my roommate for a couple months now; he’s so passionate about his stuff and he’s always showing me his designs.”

The 36-year-old, his fiancé Kim Kardashian and baby North are living with grandma Kris Jenner—and, therefore, Kylie and Kendall too—while his house is being renovated.

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‘Ye is known for being a bit of a fashion connoisseur, but chances are, there’s a lot he can learn from Kylie too! Even though she’s still a teen, she already collaborated with Madden Girl to create their latest accessories line, in addition to their collection at PacSun.

Still, the biggest thing she seemed to learn from him isn’t about design, but, rather, about perseverance.

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“He’s such a creative guy, he’s awesome, he has a lot of talent,” Kylie said. “So it’s cool to see that. It’s inspiring and it makes me want to work harder and be more into it, so it’s cool.”