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On-Screen Family :
Kristen Stewart Wants
Demi Moore to Play Her
Mom in Upcoming Movie

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Kristen Stewart reportedly wants Demi Moore to play her mom in a movie—and we don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want Demi Moore to play their mom?

She barely looks her age and is gorgeous. She has a hot bod. And she dated Ashton Kutcher.

But that’s not why KStew wants the 51-year-old actress to play her mom. A source revealed that not only has she been “a fan of hers for a good 15 years,” but that them working together “will help both their careers.”

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“Now Kristen is making serious noise about befriending Demi, whom she’s worshiped for years, and convincing her they should play a mother-daughter team in a new action comedy,” the source says.

Demi already played Miley Cyrus’ mom in the 2012 comedy LOL and we all know how that turned out—some people still don’t even know such a film exists.

“Demi’s very receptive to working with Kristen, but it will all depend on what scripts she can muster,” the source tells Radar Online about whether or not the 51-year-old actress is willing to team with Kristen.

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If they do, it looks like it’ll be down the road since Kristen already has projects lined up until late next year—including Snow White and the Huntsman 2.

Meanwhile, Demi has a less hectic schedule. She’s currently filming Wild Oats (with Shirley MacLaine and Alan Arkin) and will start promotion for her next film Forsaken later this year.