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Kris Jenner: Six Ways
She's Making Husband
Bruce Jenner's Life a
Living Hell


With Kris Jenner constantly competing with her daughters for the spotlight, her husband, Bruce Jenner, suffers in silence. 

While Kris has denied that their 21-year marriage is on the rocks, it’s easy to see that the famous "momager" is making Bruce’s life a living hell. Here’s why:
She Won’t Support Him: While Kris is always front and center when her daughters are on the red carpet or at an event, she’s rarely seen by Bruce’s side when the Olympic Gold Medalist is honored. She was even a no-show at the unveiling of his new retro Wheaties box in 2012.
She Pushed Away His Kids: “As soon as she married Bruce, his sons were out of the picture,” an insider tells In Touch of Brandon, 31, and Brody, 29, his sons from a previous marriage. “They hate her.”
She Brushes Him Aside: It appeared Kris made Bruce give up his front-row seat at an L.A. Clippers game in December so Kim’s famous boyfriend, Kanye West, could sit with Khloé and Kris. “It was so embarrassing,” said a witness. “I felt sorry for him.”
She Emasculated Him: “Kris isn’t above treating Bruce like an assistant,” says a family insider. In 2011, he was stuck holding a girly gift (which matched Kris’ dress) as the two attended a party at Boa Steakhouse in LA. She’s continuously put Bruce to work for years.
She Controls His Money: Bruce can’t spend as he pleases. “Brody says his dad is so upset because Kris won’t let him buy a $250,000 plane he’s desperate for,” says an insider. “Flying is his passion.”
She Forced Him to Have Plastic Surgery: Bruce was embarrassed about a botched face-lift he’d had in the past, so he couldn’t believe it when Kris insisted that he have the surgery redone on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “She didn’t care about his feelings,” says a source. “She knew she could get a free face-lift if he got one on TV.”
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