Kirstie Alley: ‘I Had Nightmares About Getting Fat’

Kirstie alley fat nightmares


Kirstie Alley is so afraid of gaining weight again, the Dancing With the Stars celeb admits to having nightmares about putting on the pounds! When In Touch asked Kirstie if the thought of going back to the “fat Kirstie” terrifies her, the slimmed-down star replied, “That is done. It's like my ex-boyfriend.”

Kirstie has always been vocal about her fluctuating weight, but now that the star is sporting a much slimmer figure for Dancing, she claims there’s no turning back.

So just like her ex, who remains a thing of the past for the actress, does she ever dream of what life would be like if she were still heavy?

“I had nightmares about him for a while, just like I had nightmares about getting fat again,” Kirstie admits of the two things she’s now moved on from. “But now I'm done with that.”

Kirstie is determined to keep the weight off and live healthily from here on out, even after Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars is over.

“I am like a cat,” the 61-year-old actress says of her fitness ups and downs. “I've had at least nine lives and this may be the last one so I need to live in a lean manner.”

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