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Kardashian “Will Never
Forgive Beyoncé Unless
She Gets a Public


Kim Kardashian recently called Beyoncé out on national TV, talking on Jimmy Kimmel Live about mishaps at her May 24 wedding. Kim complained, “The worst was someone canceling last minute,” possibly referring to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s choice not to attend.

Friends of the reality star tell In Touch the statement was no accident, but intentionally planned.

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“Kim is done playing nice,” a friend of Kim's dishes in the new issue of In Touch – on stands now. “Beyoncé humiliated her.” The friend also says Kim, who used to idolize the singer, “will never forgive Beyoncé unless she gets a public apology.”

Fat chance. “Beyoncé can’t stand Kim,” another insider tells the mag. “She thinks Kim got famous from a sex tape, while Beyoncé has worked since she was 5 to get to where she is today. Beyoncé thought that being photographed at Kim’s wedding would have made Kim look good and her look bad.”

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Up until her Aug. 4 appearance on Jimmy’s show, Kim had avoided talking about the wedding-invite snub at the insistence of Kanye. But now, Kim doesn’t think she has to tiptoe around her rival anymore, the pal tells In Touch. “Kim thinks Beyoncé’s a fake, and that the real Beyoncé is nothing like the one the public knows. Not showing up for the wedding was a total slap in the face,” says the friend. “And now Kim’s not afraid to call her out on it.”

The ball is in your court, Bey!

For more details inside Kim K. and Beyoncé’s feud, pick up the new issue of In Touch Weekly, on stands now.