Kim kardashian mercy kitten died

Kim Kardashian's
Kitten Mercy Dies


Poor Mercy!

Less than three months after Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian with Mercy the kitten, the precious Teacup Persian has passed away.

"Kim got the cat eleven weeks ago, but after five weeks she gave the cat to Khloe's assistant Sydney,” a friend of the Kardashians told In Touch. “Sydney posted a bunch of pictures of the cat on Instagram, but a week ago she posted a picture and a message saying the cat had died and how upset she was."

PHOTO: Kim Cuddles With Mercy

So why would Kim give up her cuddly companion?

Apparently the star has never owned a cat before, and Kim quickly discovered she was allergic. Since Sydney has worked for the family for seven years and was recovering from her own pet's death, she seemed like an appropriate adoptive parent.

Reports claim that the feline passed away from a "cancer-like virus often associated with breeding," and that Mercy’s new owner chose to have her euthanized once she learned that the cat’s illness was untreatable. Sydney only had Mercy a month before she had to say goodbye to the precious kitten.

We're so sorry to hear of the news. Rest in peace, Mercy.