Kim kardashian blonde

Kim Kardashian Loves
Her Halloween Wig;
Considers Going Blonde
For Good

E!/ Twitter: Kim Kardashian

Do blondes really have more fun?

Kim Kardashian seems to think so!

After stepping out this weekend as the iconic mermaid from Splash for Medori’s Green Halloween party at Avenue in NYC, Kim is thinking about going golden for good.

The star wore a form-fitting mermaid tail, shell bralette, several strings of pearls and a long blonde wig to the event, where she took along her main squeeze Kanye, who was dressed as a sea captain.

“Kinda loving this blonde wig! Should I dye it for real?” she posted along with a twitter photo of her and Kanye in costume.

Now that her boyfriend has given her a complete fashion overhaul, maybe an everyday change wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

What do you think: Should Kim go blonde?