Kim kardashian baby north west

Kim Kardashian Lights
Up As She Shares New
Photo of North West
Moments After Wardrobe


When it comes to North West, Kim Kardashian is bursting with pride—literally!

Just before the 33-year-old appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show—during which she gushed about baby Nori—she suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction!

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“I had a fitting last night, so they were tailoring it today and I thought, ‘Oh I’m good I’ll put it on right before,’” she explained to Ellen DeGeneres. “And something told me an hour before, just try it on. Tried it on—[it] completely didn’t fit—nothing that could be fixed.”

Kim told Ellen that she’s packed to go to Paris, so she didn’t have a lot of options. Luckily, she turned to her Instagram followers for their thoughts on a few ensembles before she settled on the perfect pick!

Kim settled on a low-cut, white blouse and a gorgeous cinched skirt that showed off her amazing post-baby body! Of course, Kim gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy—and opened up, saying she “wouldn’t wish [pregnancy] on anybody!”

Ellen even asked Kim whether or not she and fiancé Kanye West were already thinking about having baby No. 2!

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“I always wanted about six,” Kim admitted. “After having her I would want a million, but the pregnancy...”

While Kim had her fair share of struggles while pregnant, including a weight gain, preclampsia and more, Kim admitted that she wouldn’t take any of it back!

“It was all worth it in the end, so I’d do it again, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me at all,” she said.

Kim couldn’t stop gushing about her “quiet” baby with an “adorable” personality and said she loves every minute with Nori—even diaper changing!

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“I love that time, and I know it sounds crazy, but I love that time with her on the changing table,” the reality starlet said. “She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her.”

Which is good—because it seems that daddy Kanye isn’t great when it comes to take his turn.

“He’s not a diaper-changing kind of guy,” Kim laughed. “But that’s okay!”