Kim Kardashian Had the "Best Day Ever" Five Times In the Past Year. None of Which Are The Day Her Daughter Was Born.

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It must be pretty amazing to be Kim Kardashian.

Sure, she’s rich and fabulous and in love, but that’s nothing compared to her incredible ability to experience the BEST day of her life on not one, not two—but five separate occasions in the past year alone.

And did we mention that June 15, 2013 doesn’t even round off into the top 5?

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Which is impressive… considering that’s the day her daughter North was born and her life changed forever.

But hey, when you’re Kim Kardashian and you’re living such a fascinating life, giving birth is totally NBD, right?

If giving birth to your child doesn’t earn a top spot, what does?

A Business Meeting

Sure, it wasn’t just any business meeting. It was a business meeting with Anna Wintour, who revealed her plans to put Kim, Kanye and baby North in the mag. But still… Is it really more important than giving birth to your child?

In the caption, Kim wrote that Nori is only interested in her dad, who is taking her picture. Maybe that’s because he’d consider her arrival in the world an important occasion? Just maybe.

A Proposal

Yes, a proposal is actually a really big deal and totally worthy of the designation of “#BestDayEver,” except Kim’s been married twice before. She’s gone through this whole ordeal twice in the past.

Not to mention, ‘Ye popped the question on Kim’s 33rd birthday. And it seems a little selfish of her to include her birthday and not her child’s. Just sayin’…

Sneak Attacking/Avoiding the Papz

📷 plotting and planning

Oct 7, 2013| Source:

In the video, Kim explains the photogs are “swarming the car” waiting for her mom Kris Jenner and BFF Jonathan Cheban to come out of the store, yet they don’t notice her.

Somehow, this deserves the recognition of best day ever.

A Swimming Lesson

Because, you know, enjoying miscellaneous activities and milestones with your kid is WAY “better” and more important and memorable than welcoming her to the world.

Just Your Average Chill Day at Home

Just a friendly reminder that this day would not have been the same had you not given birth.

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