Kim Kardashian Crashed
Avril Lavigne's Big


Kim Kardashian is not a fan of Avril Lavigne -- even though she is totally happy to use her as a press opportunity.

One source tells In Touch that Kim specifically told her stepbrother Brody Jenner not to bring the songstress, who he has been dating since last year, to a recent family dinner in LA. "Kim texted to tell him it was family only, no significant others," the source said. "But they were completely welcoming to Lamar Odom, Khloé's husband, so Avril was really hurt. Brody ended up not going to the dinner."

And, after Kim brushed Avril off, the reality star had the nerve to show up uninvited to the pop star's album release party on March 8 at nightclub SL in NYC. According to insiders, Avril was upset that Kim was there. “Kim was not invited to the event. The night was not supposed to be about her,” one insider tells In Touch. "Kim took all the attention away on the red carpet, and was posing for photos inside as well. She stole the spotlight."

In fact, her appearance at the event seems very odd, since, according to Brody’s ex Jayde Nicole, Kim has made no effort to get close to Brody's girlfriends in the past. Jayde tells In Touch, "Kim and Brody were not close at all when we dated. I only met her once,” she tells In Touch. “Brody and Kim did not have a relationship.”

One onlooker at the party even said, “Avril left her own party early. She seemed sad and was not happy that all the attention was diverted to Kim being there.”