Baby north west parenting criticism

Kim Kardashian
Continues to Receive
Backlash For Her
Parenting of Baby Nori


It’s not uncommon for new moms to post pictures of their babies on social networking sites, and when they do, the most “backlash” they may receive is an eyeroll or an unfollow from one of their friends.

Kim Kardashian, of course, is not like most moms.

So when the 33-year-old reality star posted an adorable picture of her smiling baby, North, she was met with criticism from all angles. Haters were quick to attack her for shaping, waxing or “filling in” the baby’s eyebrows, putting makeup on her infant and more.

The adorable shot came just one day after Kim was asked on Mobio Insiders for fashion tips for new moms and replied, “never lose time for you. Go to the gym, get a facial, or manicure to feel good so you can go home and be a good happy mom at home.”

Many fans, however, are quick to call Kim out and say that the future Mrs. Kanye West shouldn’t be giving parenting advice to anyone considering she hasn’t necessarily mastered parenting herself.

Of course, the entire world has been offering their opinions to Kim—even since before Nori was born on June 15; check out all the criticism the reality star has faced since becoming a first-time mom!

April 2013 – Pregnant In Heels 

While already heavily pregnant, Kim continued to wear heels up until a month before she delivered. Sometimes fashion is pain, but her critics said this was taking it too far.

May 2013 – Flying in the Third Trimester 

Just one month before Nori was born, Kim was seen shopping for the baby in Paris—thus calling attention to the dangers associated with flying in the third trimester of pregnancy.

June 2013 – Meet North West

To say Kim and Kanye received backlash for their daughter’s name would be an understatement; after it was revealed that the baby was named North—or Nori for short—Kimye became the butt of every aspiring comedian on Twitter’s joke for days.

September 2013 – Dying Her Hair 

Just three short months after Nori was born, Kim resurfaced—this time with honey blonde hair. While some weren’t fans of her new, golden look from a style perspective, others were harsh on the reality star for dying her hair while breastfeeding.

September 2013 – No Babies in Paris 

When Kim flew around the world for Paris Fashion Week in late September 2013, she brought along her new ‘do—but left behind baby Nori. Many said that it was too soon for North, who was only three-months-old at the time, to be without her mother.

October 2013 – Baring It All

While in Paris, Kim continued to strut her new-mom stuff in very revealing outfits such as this plunging neckline.

October 2013 – No Curfew For Nori  

When dad appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to lay the now-infamous battle between the rapper and the talk show host to rest, Kim and Kanye grabbed dinner at the LA hotspot, Hakkasan with baby Nori. While this normally wouldn’t concerning, it raised some flags when they kept the baby out until 10 PM!

October 2013 – Kim’s Infamous Now-Infamous Selfie

When the reality star showed off her post-baby body on Instagram, the values she was instilling in her daughter was immediately called into question.

November 2013 – Mom and Dad’s “Bound 2” Video

Similarly, people were harsh that the racy “Bound 2” video was inappropriate for new parents to make shortly after their baby was born.

December 2013 – Going On Tour 

Kim Kardashian is super supportive of her fiancé, who she has joined across the country on his “Yeezus” tour. Unfortunately, her commitment to her many has been interpreted by many to be a indifference to her daughter!

After tweeting about taking Nori for a swim, one fan took aim at Kim saying it was nice that the baby “got to see her parents for a change.” This comment, of course, did not sit well with Kim.

“You sound so ignorant,” Kim wrote. “Because I don’t tweet or Instagram my every move with my daughter means I am not with her 24/7? We share what we want. Or is it because I go support my fiancé at every show and post pictures? When the baby goes down for bed or nap, parents are allowed to work and support each other, maybe even have fun too.”


-Carly Sitzer/@carlysitzer