Kim kardashian kanye west honeymoon

REPORT: Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West’s
Honeymoon Wasn’t
Nearly as Extravagant
As You’d Expect! The
Couple Requested DVDs
and Playing Cards!


You may never be able to really keep up with the Kardashians, but apparently keeping up with the Wests is much, much easier than you’d think!

Leaked emails reportedly detail the specifics of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s honeymoon—and it’s definitely not the lavish trip you’d expect from the often over-the-top couple!

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The exchange between their tourism contact in Ireland and their California-based travel agency divulge that the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple allegedly spent their days at Limerick Ireland’s Castle Oliver watching DVDs and entertaining themselves with playing cards!

While their demands may seem low-key, an email by LA travel agent Patricia L. Blanche of LCF Custom Travel & Tours to her Irish counterpart—Siobhan Byrne Learat of Adams & Butler Luxury Travel—demonstrates the couple’s high-maintenance side.

Kim & Kanye

“From what we’re hearing, it would appear they’re going to spend plenty of downtime at the Castle, and are looking forward to watching movies and just spending alone time together. I know you’ve already brought in a large TV (get the biggest one you can) and they have requested a DVD collection be brought in,” the email is said to reads.

“Someone on your staff may have a collection we can cobble together for the weekend, but my other suggestion is to have your staff pick up a Roku streaming player. You can hook it up to the TV and WiFi and they can download movies on demand from Amazon, HBO, Netflix, etc., which may make it easier. Feel free to purchase what you need and establish any online account you need in order to facilitate that. Might want to pick up some playing cards too.”

Kim and Kanye

The emails are also said to explain what the staff “should keep in mind” while planning—from precise instructions on how to greet the newlyweds to bizarrely specific directions to have candles lit and an Irish flag waving upon arrival.

At the time, it was reported Kim and Kanye visited two different movie theaters in one day, as the reality star was allegedly “bored” while honeymooning because she only wanted to shop rather than take in the country rich in not only history and culture but also beautiful scenery.

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“[Kim] complained during phone calls to Kris that she was bored and just wanted to go shopping, but the lack of high-end retailers really irked her,” an insider told Radar at the time.

And if all the alone time watching movies and playing cards wasn’t enough for Kim and Kanye, they continued to spend one-on-one time—and jetted off to a private villa in Punta Mita, Mexico less than two weeks after returning from their Irish honeymoon.

We would say the honeymoon is over for Kimye… but it sounds like it never really got started!