Kim kardashian kanye west fashion line

Kim and Kanye Not
Collaborating on
Fashion Line


Hoping to nab a pair of shoes designed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Not so fast!

In Touch can exclusively reveal that the fashionable couple will be keeping their business ventures separate – for now.

"Kim isn't doing any designing with Kanye. She doesn't even know where that story got started,” a source reveals. “Kim has licensing deals in place for shoes and fashion and she needs to honor them first.”

Rumors of a business partnership between Kim, 31, and Kanye, 35, began last week after media outlets claimed that the duo was spotted having lunch with Francois-Henri Pinault — who owns Louis Vuitton — in hopes to negotiate a potential footwear line.

The source goes on to say that although they are not collaborating at the moment, that doesn’t mean we can’t expect to see a Kimye line sometime down the road.

“They may collaborate on something fashion in the future,” the source tells In Touch. “But right now, each of them has their own separate businesses to run."