Khloe kardashian body

Khloé Kardashian
Flaunts Hot New Body:
But Is Her Quest For
Perfection Unhealthy?


Khloé Kardashian is getting used to being the “hot” sister now — and her bangin’ new body certainly turned some heads last night.

The reality star showed up to HYPNOTIQ’s Glam Louder launch at Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills on May 22 wearing a white and orange striped curve-hugging dress by Robert Rodriguez that accentuated her 20-pound weight loss.
Looking better than ever, Khloé appeared svelte and toned at the liquor launch— but her drastic transformation didn't come without lots of blood, sweat and tears.
“She wants to look perfect,” a Kardashian insider tells In Touch. In addition to strenuous daily workouts and strict high-protein diet that whittled her 5-foot-10 frame from a healthy size 8/10 to a slinky size 6, Khloé is also making other big changes. She's tinkering with her gorgeous smile by getting Invisalign to straighten already perfect her teeth.
Khloé’s also been guilting herself on days she’s been unable to stick to her strict weight-loss regimen. “So annoyed I missed my workout this morning,” the usually upbeat reality star shared on May 14. “I better find time and motivation to go tonight. Come on, Khloé!” 
And now that her sister, Kim Kardashian— who was one famous for her desirable, curvy body— has gained over 60 pounds during her pregnancy, Khloé is reveling in the fact that she’s now the one being called sexy.
“She’s always felt like the ugly sister,” her friend tells In Touch. “Now that she sees she can be hot and pretty, that’s not enough. She wants to be the hottest and prettiest no matter what.” 
Do you think Khloé’s going to far to look perfect or is she simply coming into her own? 
For more on how Khloé’s altering her look and to see how much more weight she wants to lose, pick up the newest issue of In Touch— on newsstands now!