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'Gossip Table' : Khloé
Kardashian Betrayed by
Lamar Odom — AGAIN!

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It wasn’t easy for Khloé Kardashian to give Lamar Odom a second chance after filing for divorce nearly four months ago — and she won't be giving him another chance again anytime soon!

Just days after In Touch exclusively revealed Khloé had decided to reconsider the divorce after a mid-March heart-to-heart with Lamar, sources say he’s already betrayed her.

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Take for example, a "dirty" phone chat with his ex and mother of his two kids -- with whom he had a 10-year relationship.

"He got dirty with Liza [Morales] over the phone, acting like he wanted to hook up with her again," a source tells In Touch in this week's issue. "Liza laughed at him. But if he's trying to get things better with Khloe, she better watch out, because Lamar is still creeping."

Sadly, Khloé has had to deal with years of reports that Lamar was unfaithful and allegations last summer he was also in the throes of drug addiction.

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Now, on top of all this, she has to deal with him flirting with other women in the midst of reconciling.

“When Khloé finds out, she will be completely devastated,” adds an insider.

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